From Party Girl to Political Prisoner

Monica Smit

Cell 22 Resources

1. Stage 4 restrictions

2. What is incitement?

3. Dr. Ian Brighthope interviews

4. ‘Reignite Democracy Australia’ (RDA) website

5. Bail justice definition

6. Morgan C Jonas’s website

7. Remand definition

8. My arrest video

9. Bail conditions I didn’t sign

10. ‘The age’ news report

11. Kary Mullis (inventor of PCR tests) video

12. Morgan’s ‘don’t get tested’ documentary

13. George Christensen MP talks about my arrest

14. Topher’s speech…‘good people break bad laws’

15. COVID vaccines were rushed. MRNA is novel and new

16. Natural immunity is best

17. Brumby videos

18. Street interviews I did March/April 2020

19. ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ info

20. Livestream protest videos

21. Morgan and I with the the bus

22. Monica Smit promo video

23. ‘Sack Dan Andrews’ Bus video

24. My mask exemption and work permit

Work Permit
Mask Exemption

25. Implied freedom of political communication

26. Oct 31st arrests video

27. Battleground Melbourne Documentary

28. Teenagers can take life-changing drugs without parental consent

29. Parents and religious leaders can be criminally prosecuted

30. Survivor audition video

31. Media influence video from Guatemala

32.Suicide is the leading cause of death in some age groups

33.Suicide is the 15th leading cause of death in Australia

34. Suicide, more than double the road toll

35. Monica’s parent’s video outside remand

36. Sexual abuse victims gain wieght after assaults

37. Medications or procedures are not legally allowed to be compulsory

38. COVID vaccine trials weren’t finished

39. No long term safety data on COVID vaccines

40. ‘Informed consent’ info

41. Autophagy info

42. Digital ID agenda

43. UN agenda and ‘agenda 2030’

44. Free promo videos I made in Thailand

45. Purdue Pharma hid how addictive OxyContin was

46. Doctor incentive program to reduce patient pain

47. My short video on the opioid crisis

48. Painkilled series

49. Hurricane Michael videos I made

50. COVID vaccines were rushed to market

51. Experts have been trying to warn people

52. What does ‘experimental’ mean?

53. Trials on rats didn’t go well

54. COVID vaccines were rushed. MRNA is novel and new

55. Data is available regarding COVID vaccines if you want to look

56. Where to look for info off mainstream

57. Unprecedented increase in excess deaths

58. Informed consent

59. 1986 legislation gives vaccine manufactures legal indemnity

60. First rally speech

61. The Privacy Act

62. Anti-discrimiation laws

63. There was never evidence for the lockdowns

64. A company can’t change conditions of employment without warning

65. Prominent doctors are predicting sever adverse reactions

66. Excess mortality

67. Construction worker protest 22nd September

68. 98.5% survival rate for COVID

69. Warrant appeal success

70. Illegal for police to interrogate young kids

71. Warrant for all my passwords

72. Video after losing warrant case

73. Letter of charges being dropped

74. World Economic Forum and Agenda 2030

75. Excess deaths. No enquiries

76. Romanian Video